Slides  /  February 5, 2020

Incentivizing and aligning Sustainability Programs through Benchmarking

Is social and environmental sustainability on track to become as important as market share and shareholder value? New business models and new value propositions integrating sustainability are appearing around the world, securing not only the reputations of companies, but also their ability to attract and maintain staff, access to finance and new business opportunities.
The IFA Global Stewardship Symposium is the place to hear more about innovative stewardship initiatives, learn more about sustainability reporting, get inspired by sustainability programs within the fertilizer industry and understand expectations from UN agencies, the finance community, and leading voices in the NGO community.

Through a focus on the fertilizer industry’s stewardship priorities, this event will  present innovations and investments in areas of environmental protection and climate change and inform on critical outcomes of the most recent UN reports and resolutions for phosphorus and nitrogen management in production and application.

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